Decemberreflektioner och ett Gott Nytt 2017!

Kära bloggläsare! Vilket år det har varit – på så många sätt, både bra och dåliga, både i den stora världen och i min lilla. Under december månad deltog jag i en foto- och reflektionsutmaning på Facebook och Instagram med fokus på det gångna året: December Reflections 2016. Initiativtagare var Susannah Conway, vars arbetsmaterial Unravel Your Year jag har jobbat med runt årsskiftet under flera år, och haft stor glädje av. Här tänker jag dela med mig av mina bilder och reflektioner och samtidigt passa på att önska er alla ett riktigt Gott Nytt 2017!

Day 1. On the Table. My very first novel, which arrived from the printers today!

Day 2.Light. Oh, how I love the gentle light of the star lamps at Christmas time, making me forget about the dust bunnies lurking in the corners of our house as I prioritize creativity over cleaning.

Day 3. Fave Photo of 2016. This has been the most colourful autumn in my life – both literally and metaphorically.

Day 4. Circles. Ever since I went to my first Circle Way Camp with Manitonquat (Medicine Story), an elder of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts, in the summer of 2012, I’ve embraced the idea of talking and living in circles, where everybody’s voice is equally important. This picture is from a talking circle I have hosted for four years now, a safe and peaceful haven in the midst of our buzzing lives, where we can share our fears and our sorrows, our pride and our happiness.

Day 5. Best Book of 2016. My favourite this year is “The Gift of Looking Closely” by Al Brookes, a book which my daughter translated into Swedish. We read it in my book club, and it scored a higher average than any of the other 63 books we have read since we started eight years ago.

Day 6. In the Air. A promise of light in the midst of the darkness. 

Day 7. Five Things About Me. I’m a mother of four children between 6 and 26. I have had an extremely short career as a busker in Paris. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol but I’m a tea and chocolate addict. I often talk too much but I also love listening to other people’s stories. As a child I wanted to become a writer (which I now am) or a surgeon (thank God I didn’t).

Day 8. On the Ground. With a head and heart full of creativity and spirituality, my everyday chores – especially working with the firewood that heats up our house – helps me also stay grounded. My feet on the earth and my gaze towards the sky.

Day 9. The Best Day of 2016. Inspired by one of my daughters, who used to exclaim almost daily, when she was five or six: “This is the best day in my entire life!”, I would like to call TODAY the best day this year, and then do the same again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow … Working with projects I love, spending time with my family, taking a walk to our beautiful lake at sunset, talking about important things with my oldest daughter. How could life be better than that?

Day 10. I Made This. A little more than a year ago I ventured on another crazy project. I started a podcast, where I talk to people who follow their hearts. In 2016 I have produced more than 30 episodes, met a lot of wonderful people, and had so much appreciation from listeners. So even though I don’t earn a single penny (rather the other way round, since I travel round Sweden for the interviews) it’s SO worth it!

Day 11. Biggest Lesson from 2016. How much I need Nature. 

Day 12. Precious. Becoming a mother for the fourth time 20 years after my first child was born. A true bliss. 

Day 13. Soundtrack of 2016. In Sweden, we celebrate Saint Lucia, queen of light, today. This year has been dark in many aspects, but a few months ago I found this song by Mirabai Ceiba, Ra Ma Da Sa, a healing mantra that I’ve listened to every day since then. My soundtrack for 2016.

Day 14. Texture. Today I’m part of a “hoffice” (home office) with some friends – one of the positive things about being self-employed, the freedom of choosing my own colleagues. The house where we’re working has a bathroom with floor tiles, whose texture and colour make me long to go back to Greece. But that will have to wait – one of the less positive things about my work (not much money).

Day 15. Best Decision of 2016. Head said no (“Too expensive!”), Heart said yes (“You need this!”). I listened to Heart and went on a mountain hike that changed my perspectives.

Day 16. A Secret. One thing I don’t think that so many of my friends and acquaintances know about is my interest in spirituality. Growing up with a grandmother telling me exciting stories about mysterious things that had happened in our family, the idea that there is more out there than we can see has been natural to me all my life, and the last few years – when I’ve opened my heart to new areas – I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences. This is my favourite deck of oracle cards, which I often use for guidance and inspiration.

Day 17. Five Years Ago. Twenty years between my oldest and my youngest.. Five years ago, he was a toddler, now a schoolboy. Five years ago, she was a student, now a successful translator and writer.

Day 18. Reflection. Who where you before someone else told you who to be? Who are you deep inside, under the surface? Where does your heart tell you to go?

Day 19. Something I Love. Tea, candles, Harry Potter and writing. Especially the combination.

Day 20. Snuggle. Today I snuggle up in my home studio, drinking Yogi tea from my giant dreamcatcher mug, recording guided meditations and presentations for my web course on listening to your inner voice.

Day 21. Solstice Sunset. A foggy day in Sweden, a body indoors at sunset time and a head full of pre-Christmas to-do-lists. Sharing a picture from two years ago.

Day 22. This Year Was… an emotional rollercoaster. Some darkness. A lot of light. So many colours.

Day 23. Sparkle. Throwback to a magical night in June when five out of six family members went to a concert in Gothenburg with one of our favourite Swedish singers, Håkan Hellström.

Day 24. Traditions. A fairly new and wonderful tradition in my life: starting the morning of Christmas Eve with a yoga class at my favorite yoga studio. Namaste. 

Day 25. Today is… Betlehem. Yesterday was Buddha. Same morning message about love and compassion, just put into different frameworks.

Day 26. Nourish. Nourishing body and soul by a long walk-and-talk with my beloved sister.

Day 27. My Smile. In the car with my family. Our new life with an electric vehicle – a conscious choice, trying to reduce our ecologial footprint – is exciting and unpredictable. Today we had to take a two-hour detour since the charger we had planned to use on the way home from my sister’s wasn’t working. On the other hand, we got to see a beautiful little town we had never visited before. So why not smile?  

Day 28. Quiet Moment. Unravelling the Year Ahead – for the fourth year. Thank you so much, Susannah, for helping me sort out what I’ve learnt from 2016 and what I want for 2017. 

Day 29. My Wish for 2017. Peace. Love. Understanding. In the big world and in my little one.

Day 30. Thank You For … Life.

Day 31. My Word for 2017. Presence.


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