Tack Livet!

Den här hösten har varit tuff på många sätt. För mycket jobb för både mig och min man. För lite fokus på relation och fysisk aktivitet. Två veckors ovisshet i väntan på besked om en hudförändring skulle innebära ett nytt besök i cancerhelvetet för mig efter fjorton år. En svärmor som kämpat med en egen cancerbehandling. Grymhet, elände och den ena absurditeten efter den andra i världen runtomkring.

Extra viktigt då att inte tappa bort tacksamheten. För det finns ju så mycket fint där också, mitt ibland det mörka, så mycket att glädjas åt. Mycket har jag fångat i tacksamhetsdagböckerna – en aktivitet jag ägnat mig åt i stort sett varje kväll under tio års tid.

Min poddgäst Anna Lovind gav också en extra skjuts åt tacksamheten under decemberdagarna fram till jul, genom sin Instagramutmaning: #24momentsofgratitude. Här har jag samlat alla mina 24 tackbilder med tillhörande kommentarer. Kanske kan de inspirera dig att fundera över vad du själv är tacksam för?

Day 1. Today I’m grateful that – after three days in bed with a cold – I had the strength to go outside and capture this fabulous December morning.

Day 2. Today I feel very grateful to myself for listening to my inner voice some years ago, leaving a career in Academia for a freer and more creative life. This autumn has sen the birth of a children’s book (written with my daughter), my fifth published short story (in an anthology) and my first novel.

Day 3. Warming my cold feet in home-knit wool socks by the fire after four hours of book selling at a Christmas market.

Day 4. I’m so grateful to have a daughter who is at the same time my writing colleague and my best friend.

Day 5. How a few words on a piece of paper from the doctor can make all the difference between Life and Death. Fourteen years ago I faced Death. The last two weeks I have dreaded history repeating itself. Today I celebrate Life.

Day 6. Today I’m grateful to spend an evening with my soon-to-be fifteen-year-old and learn about her YouTube-world.

Day 7. I’m happy to be surrounded by so many loving and supportive people, cheering me on no matter how crazy projects I embark upon. My tribe.

Day 8. Even a really lousy day has its beautiful moments. Such as a nice sharing with a favourite long-time-no-see friend on Skype when we couldn’t get together IRL.

Day 9. The fire burning inside.

Day 10. I simply love this time of the year. The smells, the gentle light from the Christmas lamps, the candles, tea by the fire, baking with my kids. Those things.

Day 11. Release party for my first novel! So happy about all the friends that managed to find a little time slot at this hectic time of the year to come and celebrate with me.

Day 12. The crisp air, the sun, the blue sky. And I have given myself a life where I have the opportunity to go outside and enjoy all this beauty on an ordinary Monday morning.

Day 13. It’s the most wonderful smell of the year…

Day 14. A moonlit walk from the bus, then coming home to this.

Day 15. Tucked up in bed with saffron cheesecake and my eleven-year-old in front of our favourite pre-Christmas TV program.

Day 16. My clan.

Day 17. Bringing on the tradition from my childhood to my own children.

Day 18. My best teacher of gratitude for the simple things in life.

Day 19. The true wonder of having a job that I love so much that even though I have to work late hours all the way up until Christmas, I enjoy every minute of it. (Foto: Malin Enestubbe)

Foto: Malin Enestubbe

Day 20. Weeping with joy, finally leaving the feeling of failure behind.

Day 21. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle I’m totally calm. Ra Ma Da Sa.

Day 22. My best teacher in the art of following your heart and going your own way. I’m so grateful that today I’ve been a mother to this amazing little person for fifteen years.

Day 23. A windy evening walk with my firstborn. In nine days she’ll be off to Scotland with a one-way ticket. I’m so grateful that she still chooses to come home to us for stop-overs on her adventurous journey through life.

Day 24. Christmas. Family. Home.


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